Posted by: juveniliare | September 30, 2010

Revenge of the (13)itch. of texting with the junior

When I texted my junior about a certain brick wall for our upcoming event.

“….. good news dude. I don’t have the proposal for last year’s English weekend D: I guess you guys gotta scrap the props from scratch.”

Gee.. I felt extremely bad about it. Like, how would they compose this props by their self? As their senior, I felt like an extreme douche bag (at that moment)

“.. Bad news mbak. Mr.Tri have the proposal and we’re already half done. Sometimes revenge attact are unpredictable *insert evil laugh here*”


“*bites lintang*”


“*hitting miss tane with an oxford*”


“*dodge matrix style, shot a bazooka to lintang and bite him to death*”


“*sends a suzarstorm*”


Yeah.. I’m childish. Who would fight over this stupid incoherent matters via mobile text in a RPG style? Sometimes my little junior is extremely annoying.


About the fox pic..

Dear Journal (eeeew)

Today was raining while the sun was blazing. Yeah, like sunshine on a gale rain. An effing rain while the sun was as bright as the one in California. And thus the pic for the foxes, in which the Japanese believes that when it was raining and the sun was set in the same time, it was the moment when two fox joined in a big beautiful wedding. Specific the moment (again) in autumn. Just like now.

Extra credit and e-cookies for Erin and her beautiful photo shoot[]

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