Posted by: juveniliare | September 20, 2010

*instant CA* of Deicide 22


Click here if you want to know of my insanity

Deicide 22

(Page Break)

(Page Break)

This is where we left Ichigo.


This is a flashback ‘nywez

(will stop reviewing per page and will just highlight some cool moments)

Bankai-Getsuga Tensho/Hollow Ichigo version looks like Shinji.

This also remind me to a thread in Bleachness on the topic

“Why Ichigo is fighting sub water”?

And a highlight of a chapter picture opening where Ichigo was under water with a necklace that looks like a mini Nejibana. And we all knew that Nejibana is a ‘water/wave spirit’ belonging to…… (not gonna say it)

*won’t let ya kick my a$$*


Oh noo.. this absolutely didn’t remind me of Bleach’s 1st episode.

Transfer thee power through a stab in a heart thingy thingy?

*teh one I wanted to protect, was you Ichigo.*

*My ultimo powar is when I become Getsuga*

…. I was kinda hoping for Ichigo’s Luna Cortante..

read this Bleachness

It explain almost everything. Kudos and e-cookies to qwirky-san.

Ohh.. uhmm.. meet the new Aizen.

Literally translated into ‘moonless sky’





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