Posted by: juveniliare | September 17, 2010

*instant CA* of Deicide 22 part 1

Of Deicide 22

So, yes. I totally agree with qwirky-san. If only I could remember my LJ username and password *damn*

As mentioned in the manga, this could be the final battle. As in the final battle. Since we all knew what could happened if Ichigo/Getsuga executed this newly gained power. But it is also well known that in the Bleach canon world, there are no such thing as loosing thee power as in permanently.

We know what happened with Ishida. When he lost his Quincy ability. And of Rukia, when Urahara inserted Hogyoku into her soul. And we’re also aware of one of Rukia’s (in)famous catch phrase on beating one’s self when you’re feeling down. You just have to chin up and fight harder.

I have my eyes bulging on the final form and the final strike. Moonless sky. Very dramatic and very different from all of his previous strike. What’s with the sudden depression? But it’s also a tricky series of chapter Kubo-sensei have posted here. No wonder why Ichigo have been in total lack of corresponding with what ever happened around him. He’s going to loose everything, anyway. Which was soo Ichigo in its overall character assessment. Knowing his chivalry and sometimes over-nakama-ness quality and virtue. But still as per-depressing as ever..

Deicide. Yes, it’s revealed on who KT is going to slay. In which fan over the world is confused ter hell. Explained plainly well how Tensa Shirosaki cried when he revealed the Mugetsu on the flashback of the story.

Oh dear.. This is a bit too depressing.

Shall be posting the image filled version on ’round monday. Regarding  KT’s tweet.

Ohh… and congrats to Hibari-san from KHR for maintaining his god-like spot in the KHR popularity chart[]

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