Posted by: juveniliare | September 15, 2010

I miss my baby gurl


.it when my best girl leave the school, city, province, country, continent.

Don’t even have a photo together with her. It’s all stored up in her phone, in which she always forgot to share.

Alass.. If friendship already hurts this much, what of love?


.It’s a cheesy line, but you know I always love the instant Cheese Cream soup


so effing much.

.not really that serious though. But who’s gonna be with me when I break the record of Afronova’s DDR? Butterfly song 4 feet level?? Paranoia trickster stage??


.of looking at your name in my cell’s inbox wishing there’s a continuation of our last chat


.hate to imagine myself sitting in drinking mint chocolate drink that you hate and eating glazed doughnuts alone without you poking on the cream on my youghurt


.will be laughing on Kurt’s gay-yayness-, as per always. Like how we used to be


.are you coming back? I’ll make sure to throw a party that could kneel the 4th of July to its hind leg for ya.


For all the best friends out there.


  1. yeah miss her too.
    it’s barely 2 months. and also can’t wait for hearing her so-much wiser advice than your lil ranting.hehheh

    hiks she seems busy right now, she doesn’t reply my mail.

    *oh if you need some company I’m right here ya know. not the best maybe but the most available.

    • She’s not responding to my mail either D:
      She’s probably busy trying to figure out a hard calculus that we could solve without paying a sweat :p

      kyuuuuu~~~ you seriously are my ultimate boy toy :3

      When are you going to open a blog for yourself?? Gah, its getting a bit depressing (and annoying) when I keep on posting things about my self, and have nothing about you.

  2. uh oh I won’t say that.
    I barely can understand one word in my sis’ calculus book. wait till you’re in university and regret every single word you said about calculus being easy.

    so come and play with me :p

    not a chance, I’ll have my own blog….maybe later.
    I’m not as easy as you in spilling out my feeling on blog. (not to mention my lack of common sense)

    oh I wrote on Ipin’s wall… just said “hei…….”
    pathetic, am I?

    • pathetic to the extremeeee…

      Play with you ‘_’….. errr.. sounded kinda gross. ngga jadi mainan deh. Gek buka bloggg.. (sok jawa)

  3. umm konotasinya negatip ya? ?hehe

    buka blog?apanya yg dibuka?

  4. Seriously, I am crying.

    I also miss you so much

    I don’t have a thing more to say

    • *hugz iip.pun*
      Yeah inorite.. Get your ass back here and we’ll have fun together 🙂

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