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*Hyperventilating* of Deicide 20/21

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Oh dear lord….

Ye Dear Kami-sama, ICHIGO IZ BACK!!

And yes, that is indeed Ichigo fighting a deformed Aizen with his ultra masochist face ever so calmly.I bet he wont even sweat a drop after this battle of the STUDNESS!!


With mere bare hand he blocked Aizen’s strike. I wonder what else he can do with those ‘magic fingers’ of his :3

See those confused -OMFG- look on Aizen’s face? Bet even his momma never saw that look!


I’m freezing beneath zero now.

Nothing more eh?

Lets compare the future popularity poll and you’ll be somewhere sub zero.

Side’s Ichigo doesn’t need to be extremely fast to be loved by fangurl *fangurl screamo*

trivial to Hearts Desire an awesome fanfiction. In which the author took liberty to post Ichigo as the 14th squad taicho, ‘eloped’ with Rukia who was betrothed to Aizen in a scene of espionage and battle.

In the link provided (chptr 13) was the chpater where Rukia spelled Kurohitsugi to Aizen in order to run free from his pursue.


Hands down, he’s cool..

OO… Strike one against Aizen’ pretty face.

Cant wait till the dude faulted!!

(Page Break)

(Page Break)

(Page Break)

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Ya mean “Castration”?

Though we know Ichigo was a dire fan of Shakespeare, doesnt this scene somehow reminds you of Midsummer Nights Dream?

If Aizen is Titania (proves that he’s a gay), Ichigo will be Oberon. He’ll jinx him to love a donkey. And all Bleach fan will WTF KT-sama.

Oh no!

Ichigo, injure MY BODY!

Aizen’s failed attempt to cosplay as Cyclop.

Either the tails behind Aizen-Hollow- is a personification of Naruto’s Kyuubi, Menos Grandes, or the Fallen Exorcise Suman in D.Gray Man.

It’s a bit too close for comfort, I guess?

Yeah.. That looks like the Fallen Suman from D.Gray man A Lot.

extra notes on the bags under Ichigo’s eyes. He looks bored *yawn*

‘nother note on Aizen’s long distance shot. Kinda reminds you to the monster in Fade To Black? The Serpent winged like monster?


Sore loser..

Yes. Aizen new transformation looks exactly like the monster in FTB.

STUD! *nose bleed t death*


Dont tell me that looks like Tyki Myki’s crazed NOAH form in D.Gray man!!

Zhit. Look at those eyes. The muscle!



*instant death of too much fangurl screamo*


Before I ended this post, I would like to thank Mangstream and WordPress for being an awesome destination in the internet world.


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