Posted by: juveniliare | September 5, 2010

ZOMFG. Bleach 418

Oh yeah bby, either Mangastream is being a tota b!tch, or the computer I’m currentl yworking with is a total ana! I couldnt upload nor download any pics from MS.

I rather opt the computer’s fault though..

Have you read Bleach 418?

No scratch that stupid sentence, You GOTTA read Bleach 418.

The chapter opens with version of Ichigo-Stud, somehow bearing the aura of TYL’ness we’re so familiar with KHR. Long hair, taller, hunkier, Ichigo ever so awesomely -drools- showed up after all hope were lost. Right in time for Gin’s curtain drop and Rangiku’s tears of pleading for an encore.

At this point, everything seemed almost normal. Saved fro the cliché and god forsaken trivialness that almost made me puke. I mean, like come on!! Showing up at the very last miniscule moment and saved the day while looking like nothing have touched you! You gotta be kidding me KT-sensei!!

And then, a small monologue from Gin claiming his contentment on leaving the rest of the dirty slaying job of beating the freakin pulp of Aizen to Ichigo.

Gin: “Those eyes, those strong eyes.. I can leave and entrust this to you..”

Okay… Abnormal radar spiking up abnormally. And no, it ain’t the GinIchi radar vibrating. YametteGaOshiriIttai guys can go screw their self back in their closet.

Ichigo : *glancing to Aizen* let’s change our location, I don’t want to fight here

Aizen : … Do not fear, you cannot possibly do any damage to—–

*Ichigo hand palmed Aizen’s face, yes reader. Palming AIZEN’s freakin FACE. And shunpoed a long distance with mere brute force to somewhere safe, leaving a gaga-ed AIzen*

Ichigo :Let’s begin Aizen. I’ll end this in a single instant.


(I think I can hear fanfic author typing like crazy over the sudden plot bunny)

Lets get this straight. Ichigo-STUD-Kurosaki, after finishing his training in that place and spending some 200 years (compress it into some hours, give or take..) , become the youngest-slash-oldest(?) strongest, hunkiest Shinigami ever? Oh yeah.. I think I like that, but theeeennnn…..!!

Then again, I couldn’t stop screaming and jumping from my shoes and screaming, “ZOMFG, its so DRAGON BALL!!”

There are plenty episodes where Songoku, Gohan, Gotten and other freakin saiyan characters who showed up just like that.

GYAA!! The world is collapsing, evil bad guy-insert name here- is gaining power! What should we do!! –insert main character here- is away for a super special training, and nobody can beat the bad guy!!

-insert main character name here- showed up dramatically and gazed on everybody with a newly found wisdom stare. Everybody was cheering in the background and totally gobsmacked by the sudden change of – insert main character name here-.

-insert main character name here- “-insert evil bad guy name here- lets change place, I don’t want to fight here and harm the others”

Bad guy laughed, and retaliated with something funny and stupid before main character punch/kick/head palmed the bad guy out of everybody’s sight like 10 miles away. Supppaaaa ~~~~


And, no I don’t remember the exact episode where this shenanigans happened in DB. Bu it did happened, and I’m so freakin sure about it. Somewhere in the Planet Namec ark I think? And on the Vegeta freaky hair ark too..

But the point is…

HMF, this is so cliché, and I love ittt!!

Ichigo-STUD- is awesome. Have I told you I have soft spot on tall, lanky, temperamental, strong characters like Ichigo?

His sudden appearance will leverage his popularity chart and boost the star outta the roof. Who could resist that look! That hair touching the base of his neck. The chain wrapping his arm. That black cape!

*juju went for an instant cardiac arrest and cudnt continue the post*


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