Posted by: juveniliare | August 27, 2010


The living nightmare for every otaku has descend to earth!!

Onemanga is closed for (no)good!!!

“There is an end to everything, to good things as well.””

Oh yeah bby! Onemanga is alike the ersatz angel touching the hands of humankind. How should I update my Bleach, Fairy Tale, Bakuman, Pandora Hearts manga!! There’s always mangastream, but then again. Onemanga is the ‘mother’. Like Empress Seth Augusta in Trinity Blood. Sh!t, I havent read Trinity Blood since volume 10..

In dire need! Replacement of onemanga. Or many free mangscan enjoyer will prolly commit suicide in front of Hakushensa and Jump office in Japan! Not like I could even afford the plane trip to Japan..

So.. the classic debate about publisher vs author vs imbecile scanlator and us (mangasan enjoyer).

A small discussion in Bleachness livejournal once review Kubo Tite’s tweets and it rather implied that he… enjoys that kids like us from over seas also enjoy his work (duh!) and didnt give any bad response regarding the scanlator and mangascan sites. The question for author would be, whats the main priority?

To spread your love (manga) for good and love to people or money making job (read: publisher, royalty, buy comic books in its respected places, etc). We reader have no position in this, ‘xcep read, enjoy and buy.

Oh dear.. I’m rambling and tossing my grammar orders out side the airplane to Japan‘s window.


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