Posted by: juveniliare | April 23, 2010

When Prejudice Stands Tall


When Prejudice Stands Tall


In which the author metaphor her life into the extreme.


The first thing that crossed her mind when he got to the bathroom and vomit was, ‘Yep, back with the alcoholic attitude…’

What does that mean? When prejudice stands tall among the other adjectives?


The party shall blame Tommy Heavenly6 band and their revolving song. Not that I actually understand what they were yelling on, besides like what some usually believe, ‘It’s not about what you say, but it’s what people perceive.’ In whatever way thou shall interpret it.

So, when ‘that man’ rush his belly and vomit to his desire in the bathroom, the party shall rise and make case against alcoholic and absurd way on to exploit it to the world.

But it also came across the mind that maybe he was vomiting from too many sleeps. Or from eating too many crabs. Or bashing a rat he found in the garage till death? Not that there’s any evidence to back up the theory. But hey, we still can’t prove the truth on the alcohol reason, rite?

Then back to stage one. And asking thy self for the sudden premonition of prejudice.

Wow, never knew you’re those bigotry type, baby.

Shaddap.. I have my own reason to defense myself.

And the reason is…? ~~~¯

Eliciting the buried memories on the back of the head, and it will kick us to those memories when you just can’t help the feeling to crush that man to smithereens and buried him six feet under.




And all those emotion the profiling group is too familiar with. Criminal minds, can’t stop the addiction…

Point is… There’s no point in debating it.

The case goes down of the hill with a cart full of hatred and contempt. No one can deny what these feeling may brought us to. No one can deny how hurtful these feeling are. And no sane person can deny what they might bring us to.

Once somebody wronged you to the point of no return, you just can’t keep on moving forward without being lagged down with those dire emotions. Your legs felt heavy, and your chest heaving up and down for some sort of an unknown pain. The winding roads felt pressuring and frustrating, and you can’t help felt being consumed by the gravy path ahead of you. Not when the roads behind you are still glowing with unresolved events.

And who to blame? Why by that certain abomination human, of course.

You lost all the certainty and hope and wishes. And you cast them away, far far away that even your heart could not reach. And then you build up those assumption and presumption. That that man is a no good. A real life gold digger and a waste of oxygen. And all those nine sins the god forbid will flow like a water from a tap.


Corresponding on his defense, he’ll say that people change. And maybe Hitler is not that bad of a person. Especially not when he’s sticking a burning iron rod on a certain race.

Against his defense I’ll say that people do change. Either to be a better one or a worst one. Which changes did you undergo? And for your information, Hitler is a bad person. Try saying that he’s good in front of the said race he has been poking on. They might agree with you. Might.

Cry all you want and that man will not move an inch of his muscle to help you.


In which the author metaphor her life into the extreme.

Which meant that this doesn’t meant for you to understand.

It’s just me ranting over my just borrowed book…

Dang… Just cuz I’m being striked down by my muse god doesnt always mean I’m literally depressed, or emotionally deprived…. *RAWR*


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