Posted by: juveniliare | March 18, 2010

Baby, Baby I Love You cuz you rox my World

Just being random…


I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow
and hold my breath because what’s waiting is a Deadly Night.
Don’t scary, the witch just drew a pumpkin carriage and
is only reflected in your eyes.

See you in your dreams. Yeah Baby,
Even if they are nightmares.

Fairy Blue, for you, I shatter the stars
and use them to adorn the Black Paper Moon.
Because you believed in me, when you’re lost, here I am
Forever with your soul.
If I look up, you shine like the moon.

The sweet Crimson Jam
that fell in the card raised the spell.
Your Destiny, if you wish for it, no matter the world,
you can grasp it with those hands.

Don’t be confused,
don’t let anyone shatter it.

Encryption of Tommy Heavenly6, Papermoon. FYI, its a Japanese band which meant that this song is sung in Nihongo-language :p

Being addicted to foreign song is obviously not something new. Being addicted to a Japanese song when you’re an otaku is absolutely normal. But pledging thy self to a certain song when you have no idea the s*it the said band are singing is…. also in the boundaries of normality.

Take your everyday buddy otaku for example, or take me if by any chance you don’t have those kind of guys hanging around you.

Hands down, I love Tommy Heavenly6 band. And the song above, Papermoon is one of my most listened gigs that they play. It’s cool. It rocks. It have this noir sense. And it help me boast my brain cell on drawing ‘things’. But do I know what the song is about? Absolutely nope. I just found out what it mean like three seconds ago.

I love the song Lucky sung by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. It inspire me on writing my very first fluff fanfiction that currently gained the most reviewer out of the other 12 fanfic I made. Do I understand the song? I can quite proudly say I do.

This is probably the stereotype case everybody face around the musical world. We like without knowing what it meant. It could be dangerous. But do people care? Well hell no, cuz things will go down to self entertainment, and being entertained doesn’t really need a logical reason backing you up, rite?

But ain’t it sad? And utterly despicable? Things went like when you like the Harry Potter book without being able to mention one spell dear ol’ potter ever utter. It’s somehow degrading in some areas, imagine if we stand beside those who are really into the said material of worship with knowing and claiming ourself to be the number one fan of all? It’ll be an utmost disaster where you’ll continue your life with paper bag covering your face every where you go.

But like what I’ve stated before, there’s no need to be downright logic and such a pain in the arse to be entertained. Just go on with the current flow and take things you like into your hand and gobble it up.


Gawd… Randomness is contagious and dangerous….. D:


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