Posted by: juveniliare | November 25, 2009



The coffee taste bitter. But then again, it was always bitter.

The sky was bright, weird occurrence in this season of monsoon.

The flat was warm. It felt nice despite the atmosphere she create.

The yellow post-it-notes were everywhere on the fridge. Demanding attention through their bright yellow background and red ink.

The dirty laundry was pilling, she can see her left black sock somewhere behind the vase with the lily in it.

The unfinished report was lying on her small rectangle dinner table. It was the seventh version already.

There was no new message in the inbox. And she felt lonely. Lonely all right.

She felt like quitting. And she did.


“……the fuck where are you woman! You’re supposed to be IN the office by 3 hours ago! Make it here or I’ll swear I’ll drag you myself… And stop pretending you’re not listening and answer the damn phone!!”



Faded baby blue sneaker stomping the puddles. Swell was forming on her ankle, thanks to not using socks and direct skin friction with wet canvas cloth. She was wet. As wet as a dog on a rainy season. No need for an umbrella. For once she wanted to feel the cold filling her from the highest apex of her body to the tiny toe down below. The rain was perfect. Contradictive with the sunny warm weather before. It prickles the skin and sticking her blue t-shirt like a second skin. She close her eyes and drifts.

In some occasion, we just need time.

To heal the heart, to mend the wounds.

In other occasion, we need the light.

To roll down our shoulder and lighten the path affront.

In many other occasion, we will also required a shoulder.

To lean on and cry.

The dark cloud was fading, the rain gradually stopped. But the rain in her heart remains. Like an old wound refusing to heal.

Ephemeral Sky

The always changing sky


Dedicated to faun, cuz I’m not feeling that niffty anymore to write about the J-Fest

And to those who’s there to lean their shoulder when others cry.



  1. in the other hand you must believe that your dream isn’t always come true.
    with that you’ll still can hang on when you fail.
    i’m older than you,altough just a couple year.but i have gotten more pain when i failed.
    i can’t make my parent happy,then when i won swimming contest they have died.i was only 7 at that time,and was very angry with world.

    but once again i face the world.altough i’m out from high school,but (thanks God-if you believe) here i am.

    i can’t stop my tears while reading this story.because it touched my deepest heart,and make me remember bout my childhood.

    cheers up tane!

    • You’re such a gentleman… It’s nice having you to talk with.
      I’m truly sorry if I evoked any bad memories from you, never knew and never meant it to be like that. But gotta say taht I’m happy you opened up to me 🙂

      So.. I failed getting into the province debate team. And it kinda depressed me up. Well, you know, all those sacrifice and stuff I did for this debating competition. And once I didnt made it, it just felt like Kaboom!
      But everybody was so nice to me. Including you and my own debating mentor and friends every here and there.
      It was so nice to have you guys lifting my heart up.
      Thx a lot Jess.. (can I call yo that?)

  2. kadang kita menangisi suatu pintu yang telah tertutup terlalu lama.
    sehingga tidak memperhatikan pintu yang lain telah terbuka.

    sabar ya Tan!

    • that was sweet of you.. Thx angga…

  3. this is great.. i dont know wheater you really felt what you wrote or not, when i read this, whoa! You HAVE A BIG SENSE OF LITERATURE.

    • Thx Jar. No body has really compliment me as big as you ❤

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