Posted by: juveniliare | November 13, 2009

First Timer

First Timer


You twisted your wrist down and the speedometer accelerates into two bars higher. You gazed hard at the road in front you. Glaring hard through your now blurry glasses. Your shirt sticks to your body like a second skin. Silently, you thank the god for making you choose your black t-shirt for today.

The wind felt nice. It’s humidity, it’s coldness, it’s everything. The water droplets felt like thousand needles pushing through your skin, trying to find the main artery and freeze it down. To leave you numb, immobile and simply cold.

Nah, uh!

Your lips curved into a crooked grin and you step your transmission gear into its highest level. You drove on like a crazy man being chased by angry bulls.

It was nice, nee?

It was your first time driving your motorcycle in the middle of the rain. The sensation when waters splashed into your glasses. The Russian gauze effect it creates alters the black asphalt road into a blurry black with a tinge of white on it.

You smiled. Because the sensation was immense. You feel like driving for another thousand miles. But you realize that the junction that leads to your house was near. You grinned like a mad and slammed the handle bar to the right.

You felt cool. And cold. The rain was getting worst. But it was still nice.

It was fun.


“…. So, don’t forget to text me or call me when you’re running out of ticket. I’ll do whatever…..”

He keeps on talking, smiling with that boyish smile he had. Rummaging his short hair once in a while. Tapping his pen to his white converse shoe sole. Occasionally he’ll stop talking, lift his glass filled with apple juice and drink it with loud gulps and sighed happily.

“…. And don’t forget that one ticket for the first day cost 8K, and two tickets….”

You faced him square in the face, but he’s attention was transfixed with the notes you made for him.

For the first time. After not meeting him for a year. You realized that a lot of his acne has disappeared.

And he still looks cute.


Its so cutteee!!! I shed a few tears after looking at the pic you made for me!!! This is the first time somebody made an art that was inspired by my fic. And this is also my first time having somebody made a fanart for meee!!! Gosh I love you SO MUCH!”

Gaping at the email your favorite authoress just sent to you; you blushed into a thousand shade of crimson and ducked your head below the table.



Take of your glasses.”

“Uh…? Come again?”

“Just do it.”

Confused, you take of your red framed glasses and glared at your biology partner. Surprisingly, he smiled.

“You look better without it.”

Eyes widened into saucer sized, you quickly put on your glasses again and shove your tongue at him.

Maybe its time for a change, after a very long time.



She lifted your 700 pages novel book.

You’re reading this kind of book?”


“Jeez, its in English. And you understand?”

“Well duh!”

“I never read anything in English. Never understand what it says”

“Well try it then.”

“…… Just one page.”. “em.. the blooode, oh the blood trickle… what’s trickle, Oh right… The blood trickles down her hand into her pale hands. Wait, pale as in bucket?”

“That’s pail you idiot. This is pale as in those white sickly colors.”

“Oh…. Well no need to be snappy. This is my first time!”

“Well figures..”



Your brother was jumping around in the garage and screaming painfully.

What happened!!”

He’s wincing in pain and dunking his feet to the bucket filled with soap water.

I was washing my damned motorcycle. When I tilted it to the other side, the standard just need to crush my feet. Damnit!”

You rolled your eyes and placed your hands on your hips.


“Sucked it up. You’re not the only one who has experienced that.”

His jaw dropped. And you grinned.



Dedicated to Angga, who has been such a die hard fan to my post :p

Another rambles on things which was left unsaid. :mrgreen:




  1. well,i’m not that fanatic.
    but it’s really nice.i laught several times,before the curiousity hit me.
    who is the man in there?just guess that there are 2 is ur biology partner,and ur old friend. hha
    but thanks!

    • thx a lot hunni 😀
      its not like what you think anywzzz

  2. whoa kind of funny story.
    u were in ur happy mood when wrote it right?
    well,good luck for you and ur bio partner!

    hmm,that post was dedicated to angga, so can u make post that dedicated to me?LOL

  3. Tane(is this the first time I call you by your real name? :p)
    I’m waiting for your ‘tumpengan’s party 😉

    • halah tumpengan party.. engga begitu kok…. :mrgreen:

      • soudesune?? 😛

  4. well stop callin me hunni!or peoples will think that we’re couple.
    just shut up and update ur blog again! haha

  5. ^wow that stupid boy is really thick 8DDDDDD

    • I’ll pretend not to understand what you just said…
      Btw, what do you mean anywyz?? :mrgreen:

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