Posted by: juveniliare | September 26, 2009

Its nothing personal, hun

It’s Nothing Personal, Hun

In the line of work, attitude comes second after ability. It means that no matter how great you are on your job as long as you have a fucked up attitude, sooner or later your job will be jeopardize. It also applies on everything. Working with co-workers, in teamwork, school, friends, name it. The win win solution is to be both great in those field, be great in your job and have charming manners. And in no time, your check will be doubled by your boss.

About 5 months ago, my parents hire a new maid since the one we use to have was getting married. She come from the same place as the one we had before and also the same place my grandmother is currently residing, and so we kinda expect her to be either like the one before or like any other maid. When we first meet her, my brain was literally screaming “danger! Sparkly alert!” since she was wearing such tight clothes, full make up and short revealing veil. But as wise people way, Don’t judge a book by the cover. And without further ado, we bring her to our house with open hand.

Times pass by, and due to my parents ‘kindness’ we sent her to school. An SMK of sewing major to be exact. But then, problems start to pops. Well you see, apparently there was also one of my cousin who also came from the same village as my maid, who stays at my house for her college. She just left the village recently (unlike the maid, who have worked in Jakarta for some year before) and thus she was simply ‘village a like’. But since we’re blood related, everything is endurable. The thing is, the maid just doesn’t click with my cousin. My cousin told me that she (the maid) frequently insult her, calling her ‘ndeso’ and slow minded and stuff. And from my neighbour, they confess that my maid likes to declare her hate towards my cousin as in a lot! Of course we (the main family) had no clue at all until an anonymous neighbour told us of this event. And since blood is thicker than water, my parents reprimanded my maid of her action. She went teary eyed and all dramatic and swore not to do it again.

One day when they were cooking for dinner, I saw my cousin spill the sambal sauce and heard the maid said “Yes! Just keep those going!!” in a very sarcastic and insulting way. I glared at her and she just smiled cheekily. The lines were crossed but she still didn’t realized.

One day the maid was washing dishes, but suddenly the water just didn’t flow down to the pipe. She called for my mother and after a long plumbing my Mum found pieces of food as the prime suspect of the stuck pipe. Turns out that every time my maid washed dishes, she dumps pieces of foods that were not eaten to the dishwasher’s pipe. My mom went mad. It’s normal considering the flooded kitchen caused by the jammed pipe and the bill for the plumbing all because of one person. And the best part is, the event was repeated for some several times…

When the maid went to school, she wore strong scented perfume. And when I was searching for my cousin who shares the same room with my maid, I found a face powder from Mustika Ratu brand with 30 SPF that usually can cost about forty thousand. It was my maid’s belonging, since her name was scribbled on the package a long with “(my cousin’s name) is not allowed to use this” in bright bold letters.

Some months passed by and my mother’s frequent on being mad heighten. There’s not a week when she was not mad. And all of it was caused by my maid. From bleaching her blouse, spinning our t-shirt (now it’s all stretchy and distinguishable), cutting the leaves of my mothers favourite tree’s, scratching our car with her bike, abandoning her job (she claimed it was because her school), putting curry ingredients into the noodle (the noodle taste awful. My Dad went mad, and when he asked her whether she have tasted it or not, she said that she haven’t tasted it), throwing the family’s mementos, throwing the clothes my little brother’s friend accidentally left, throwing my mother’s ancient recipe book, and the list goes on. Sometimes my mother will call my father who sometimes work away from us and cried.

Enough is enough. My parents finally can’t stand her. Especially my mother who spent most of her time with her. She can’t stand seeing the maid’s face. And thus, my parents then talked to the maid about pulling her back to her village. It was unfair for her. But it was also unfair for us. But since my father’s principles are to priorities the family, she was literally kicked out from our system.

“We paid her with money, thus making our relationship with her professional. And since we’re the one who paid her, yes we do have the rights to fire her once she is no longer professional with the job that was assigned to her. It was nothing personal.”

Remembering my father who once was the Freeport’s HRD manager, firing people was something quite normal for him.

Point is, her attitude sucked. She didn’t pay us respect, and so we will also not salute her. She didn’t do her job and the houses’ structure went tumbling. Her manner, stance, behaviour all irritate us.

“It’s not my aptitude but my attitude that will determine my altitude.”



  1. Very different than ninda’s aunt’s maid….

    Turut berduka Tan :p

    • haha..
      Malah, setelah dia pergi rumah jadi damaaaai……
      Ibu ngga marah marah lagi, sudah bisa senyam senyum g jelas, dan aku jadi kebagian tugas nyapu, ngepel sama nyiram tanaman.
      In life’s there’s always the ups and the downs. Lol.

      Gmn hidupmu??

  2. —>spinning our t-shirt (now it’s all stretchy and distinguishable)


    one of the reason why we should not hire housemaid. mom raged like 1837913879 times because our maid ruined 3 expensive clothes, yo.

    • lol. sounds like my maid a lot. She bleached my mothers favorite pink skirt. Not that I’m complaining though. Pink is my enemy. 😀

      And she throw away my lil bro’s friend pants. Imagine that. Who ever have the mind to do that?

  3. Nice writing, kid..

    A little mistake, probably: At the start, U said “In the line of work, attitude comes second after ability.”

    Maybe U meant “In the line of work, attitude comes 1st before ability.”

    Coz U want to say Attitude 1st and Ability 2nd, right?

    But other than that (and some minor grammar errors [hahahaha gak penteeeeeng :p]), this is excelent 😀

    One nice down to earth case of attitude vs aptitude. And do say, U do have a great knack on saying things nice 😀

    A little response, is that one usually argues that aptitude and attitude are on equal positions.

    Because even when U are very VERY nice, but Ur really stupid then U still cant get the job.

    Vice versa. If you are really smart but U really screw and piss people off in the interviews, you wont get the job. Or also if you are very smart but you become an asshole at workplace, you could barely keep the job.

    And worse comes to worse, if you have a bad attitude AND bad aptitude, Maha Tahu Allah akan rencana apa yang dibuat atas kelahiran orang menyedihkan tersebut :p


    • I was like… NO SHIT *jaw dropped*. Is this THE mas fajri commenting on my blog???
      Well first of all (blame this phrase to my debating habbit :D)
      1. Yesh.. My grammars sucked a lot, once I got 4 on a grammar pop quiz. My teacher though somebody change my paper test.
      2. Attitude vs aptitude, I just truly-finally-admit- that somehow attitude comes first after this case with my maid-from-hell. It made my whole family thought “kok ada orang bisa kayak gini ya….?? Bu, kita salah apa ya sebelumnya??” srsly 😀

      and thanks for the not-so-flaming comment! It made me grin like a chesire cat :DD

  4. Maybe we should put grammar aside, because what I would recommend is to be more aware on ambiguity in sentences which does not have much to do with grammar 🙂

    Well, your not alone about grammar. I suck too :p

    Do say, have U ever lived abroad? If you have, where?

    Hahahaha… “THE” Fajri? Naturally. You could also say tHe Fajri, ThE Fajri, tHe Fajri :p

    Well, this problem is such a phenomena, I would say. I had a problem with house-maids too.

    I am very sorry to say this, but aren’t these people too poor to be an ass hole? I mean, if they want money they gotta earn it. They are not in the position to be a b*tch. The bosses have the money, not them.

    Bad way to say it, I admit. Very. But you know, it comes out from a very extreme and barely understandable problem anyway so dont mind if I do :p


    • 7 out of 10 sentence that I typed in MS word will have those green jiggy jiggy line. Right click on it and it will tell me how I need to change this sentence into something more acceptable. My grammar’s sucks. As in a lot. Lot. LOT I’m trully gratefull that MSword have those grammar and spelling checks. Cuz without it, this will be a series of jumbled letters sewed together.

      Well yes.. I spent a year at Glasgow when I’m six. Went there with the whole family cuz my father was taking his S2 there.

      ‘The fajri’.. duh lol. The euphoria was almost like having Brad Pitt comenting on how charming my pictures were (just kidding though. You’re so far compared with him :mrgreen:)

      BTW, I found this article when I’m searching for your Indian resto.
      clich here

      My first thought was.. “wow, it actually really exist 😆

  5. Glasgow???!!!!!

    Scottland?? Awesome!!!! Itd be cool if U developed a Scottish-Celtic accent ,<

    And yes, that MS feature is VERY useful. I so like it, coz it helps a lot. Not so much when I work in indonesian tho :p

    Anyway. Me and Brad Pitt???!!! That is one really interesting association :p
    But naturally. Im cuter than him :p
    *ditendang masal*
    Hahahahahaha xp

    • *ikut gebukin mas fajri*

      Any way, any how. Tonight me and my family are going to that Sangam Resto you wrote in your blog. If its not to what we’ve expected, prepare to be minced!! MUAHAAHA!!!

      • Really??!!!!

        I planned to go there too!!!!

        *tidak jadi ke sana*

  6. Waah, aku juga tuh.. But my maid is the exact opposite though. She is a bit of a dum-dum, but she does chores and done some errands well enough to keep her in the house 😀
    Maybe we should consider about having a ‘fit and proper test’ for maids 😛

  7. Does some errands well ~typo ! ><

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