Posted by: juveniliare | September 14, 2009

Cell Phone

Your typical teacher is to…

  1. Hate
  2. Despise
  3. Loathe…

…one of the greatest creation humankind ever made, that is cell phone. Or to be precise, the ringing sound of it in the middle of the class. For them to be absolutely mad and total knock off whenever a student’s cell went mad screaming to be picked up is totally normal. From cursing loudly, glaring daggers and ultra hot super beam, and degrading the said students into some point of never returning, still normal.

It’s no wonder why some teachers ban the existence of Cell. You can even pin point some school institute which ban the students to bring cell phone. To some extent, the ban is very reasonable. Very very reasonable even. It probably will be those sparkly sparkly stud’s who will fight to veto the rule.

But in another side, banning it can also lead the institute to be a laughing stock in the society. Cuz, don’t you get it? Cell phone is already like another hand attached to our body. The wonder it can do is countless. From the simple contacting your family, texting your suppose to be spouse, wall-ing your ex via Facebook, until flirting a 90 years old lassie from Mxit. And don’t forget reading Fanfic! Once started, you can never really stop. And also the fact that cell phone has as well become one of the symbol of prestigious. The bigger number after the word ‘N’ is always the better. The bigger the megapixels of the carl zeiss lenses is the superior. Bigger is cool, bigger is awesome. But how come they’re all so skinny? It’s normal to assume they share the same anorexiatic food menu and pants size.

Back with the teacher, probably we students like (a lot) to wonder out loud on why teacher just doesn’t like their student’s and their cells. Conspiracy theory such as the trivial is disturbing the class until jealousy is normal to be found during a brainstorm with your pal. Those theories which leads to the reason why the school ban cell phone, and why teacher hate it when a cell phone pops on alive.

But then hello guys, teachers are also human. What if it’s the teacher’s cell that was way a lot cooler than yours? What if it was the teachers who have a lot more cells’ than yours? Or what if it was your teacher’s cell that went on? Nobody really do anything to it, ne? It really does happen. As in a lot, lot, lot! And you don’t see the school raze their cell phone, right? Noooo! Even you probably sometimes saw the headmaster to scurry from his spot during a meeting with the other teacher and still, nobody give a damn with him! The injustice! The hypocrite!

During the Mid-Semester test, once (nah. Twice, thrice and for uncountable times) a ring tone was heard. The usual victim of the class suspicious glare will be either the sparkly girl (which usually just can’t be separated from her cell by a 2 foot range), or anybody who looked so desperate people can bet he’s going to scream ‘bloody murder’ by the count three.

The cell phone was still ringing, and any sane student will shut the fuck of it. Students start to frown and shrugged at their friends’ doubtful look. And dear old teacher was still calm. Wait a minute? Calm? Kay, put one with one together and you’ll have two with you. Realization dawn and students starts sniggering at the teacher. Said teacher started to fidgeted. But the ringing was still blaring through the class. A sparkly (sparkly gang member wannabes’ actually) threw a sarcastic comment regarding the ring tone and a remark on how amateur the cell phone owner is. This was followed by an eruption of laughter by the whole class. Teacher went red, and we know it’s not from madness. Proves that teacher is no saint.

We still wonder why she didn’t picked the phone and shut it off. Embarrassment for being such a ‘great’ figure to us? Dunno, really….



  1. omg I hate those sparkly clique. They’re so rude, don’t they know that teachers are humans and they can make mistake sometimes.Their comments are just RUDE. One of the teacher took their handphone cuz they use it during the exam and they said, “Apparently the teacher doesn’t have cellphone at home. She won’t give my handphone back!”

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